The Softpen is a fully automatic, reusable injection device featuring Haselmeier’s hidden needle design. This high quality injection device is designed for use with a standard 3ml cartridge and is made from anodized aluminium to provide years of reliability. Pressing the clip on the pen causes the needle to automatically enter the subcutaneous tissue, followed by delivery of the dose volume selected by the patient.

The Softpen incorporates the following features:

  • High quality anodized aluminium to provide years of reliability
  • Compatible with 3ml cartridges to provide multiple injections
  • Variable dosage, available in two versions: maximum dose of 0.29 ml in steps of 0.01 ml or 0.58 ml in steps of 0.02 ml
  • Hidden needle to help overcome the fear of injection
  • Automatic needle insertion and injection to facilitate handling


  • Developed for Merck Serono
  • For injection of Saizen® (somatotropin)
  • human growth hormone
  • Growth hormone deficiency treatment