The Haselmeier D-Flex is a disposable pen for the usage with 3ml cartridges. Its design covers a freely selectable regular or irregular dose regimen. The platform can be set to deliver just one single dose or a number of fixed doses. An adaption to a number of pre-selected doses is possible too. The pen-system is equipped with a proprietary mechanism to prevent unintended dose selection. D-Flex is the ideal and flexible platform designed for easy customisation of preset dose volumes. This platform accompanies and Supports you from dose escalation studies to commercial product and adds potential to reduce „Time to Market“ and „CAPEX“. The dynamic D-Flex is available in a high quality plastic version.
good-design-logo-goodThe D-Flex is awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, 2016.

The D-Flex pen system incorporates the following features:

        • Fixed or variable dosage
        • Manual injection
        • Multiple injections
        • Dose correction to avoid injection Errors or loss of drug
        • Easy adaption to different dose requirements
        • Prevention of unintended dosages
Check your doses with the D-Flex dose configuration tool. "See the One in Action" - learn more about different cases of application and functions of the D-Flex. Just one: