Haselmeier announces the German launch of the BerliPen® areo 3 through Berlin-Chemie

Zurich, Switzerland, June 06, 2016 – Berlin-Chemie launched the new BerliPen® areo 3 on the German market in April 2016.

Based on Haselmeier’s i-pen platform, the BerliPen® areo 3 is a 300 unit insulin pen for use with six different insulins (Berlinsulin H and Liprolog types) in the treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Key features of this third-generation BerliPen® are an optimized dose indicator, innovative low-friction mechanism for smooth injection release in addition to an enhanced feeling of safety by means of audible and tactile dose settings. The BerliPen® areo 3 comes onto the market with five different metallic colours – black, blue, green, red and yellow.

“The declared aim of Haselmeier was to enable the product launch of our valuable partner Berlin- Chemie, the BerliPen® areo 3 project was brought to a successful conclusion with the issuance of the declaration of conformity. Ultimately, we were successful in implementing this by joining forces; setting a milestone both for Haselmeier and Berlin-Chemie”, says Tobias Alberstetter, project manager of Haselmeier GmbH.

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About Berlin-Chemie

Berlin-Chemie is a German subsidiary of the MENARINI Group which has held a leading position in the Italian pharmaceutical market for years. The company founded in 1886 is headquartered in Florence and has evolved over generations into an internationally active, owner-developed pharmaceutical company. MENARINI pursues two strategic objectives: research and internationalization. Both endeavors enable innovative products to be used successfully to the satisfaction of patients throughout the world. The MENARINI Group enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide as an efficient and reliable partner.

For further information, please visit www.berlin-chemie.de