Haselmeier and Common Sensing Enter Connected Injectable Medicine Collaboration

CAMBRIDGE, United States, May 2, 2018 – Haselmeier, a Swiss-based developer and manufacturer of innovative self-injection devices, and Common Sensing, a Cambridge-based smart injector monitoring and support solutions company, today announced a partnership agreement to develop smart connected monitoring and support solutions for users of injectable medicines.

Worldwide,over 16 billion injections of medicine are administered every year. Smart connected monitoring
solutions for users of injectables is aimed helping them to properly administer those medicines to
improve efficacy and quality of therapies.

Haselmeier’s subcutaneous drug delivery injection systems for self-administration will be
combined with Common Sensing’s Gocap injector monitoring technology, creating a first-of-itskind,
next generation, smart disposable injector pen platform, to be available in 2019. This
platform will be sold by Haselmeier and is expected to drive significant interest from new and
existing Haselmeier injector customers. The combined injector pen-Gocap platform will record the
time and amount of every injector dose, along with other information like storage temperature.

“Haselmeier is excited about the collaboration with Common Sensing. Both companies have
recognized how complementary their technologies were and how much this partnership will
provide value for both Companies and patients. The joint relationship we have built will enable
Haselmeier and Common Sensing to rapidly bring a unique connected pen solution on the market,”
said Paul Jansen, Haselmeier Senior Advisor and Board Member.

Gocap information may be made available for users, caretakers, clinicians, healthcare systems,
researchers, and pharmaceutical companies. This information is a critical element of any
connected health solution for people using injectable medicine. Gocap dose monitoring has been
clinically validated for use with insulin pens in studies at the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes
Center, in Boston, Massachusetts, and The University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center.

“This partnership is a fantastic, market shaping opportunity to merge the leading edge, Haselmeier
D-Flex injector with our Gocap connected health technology in a scalable, commercial platform,”
said Kevin Schmid, Common Sensing Chief Operating Officer.

Haselmeier has a history of developing innovative mechanical drug delivery solutions, including
Haselmeier’s most recent and innovative D-Flex injector, which may be used with both fixed-dose
or selectable dose regimen. The addition of a custom-designed Gocap injector monitor to the
Haselmeier product portfolio will allow pharmaceutical customers to quickly launch connected
injectable medicines into the market with existing and new Haselmeier pens.

“There is a high need to provide patients the means to better monitor the efficacy of their therapy
and the injection experience is a crucial moment in a patient’s therapy. The collaboration of
Haselmeier with Common Sensing is a smart and fast way to achieve our objective in improving
patients’ lives,” said Frédéric Gabriel, Haselmeier Chief Strategy Officer.

About Haselmeier
As expert in subcutaneous drug delivery systems for self-administration, Haselmeier provides
innovative and award-winning individual system solutions to support patients for a successful
therapy. Haselmeier primarily works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to
improve the lives of patients by manufacturing pens and auto-injectors that are convenient,
reliable and that can be dosed with precision. The family business covers all steps – from design to
planning to industrialization – in the creation of high quality self-injection systems. In three years,
this well-established company will be able to look back on a 100-year-old success story. Spread
across eight global locations on three different continents, the Haselmeier Group employs a
workforce of more than 200 people.

About Common Sensing
Common Sensing is a Cambridge, MA based company that develops and manufactures data-driven
hardware and software solutions for people using injectable medicine. Founded in 2012, Common
Sensing has assembled a team of talented designers and engineers to develop Gocap, the first
smart cap that turns existing injector pens into smart injectors. Gocap connects injector pens to
the cloud to improve decision making and outcomes and make everyday treatment more