Extensive reorganisation at Haselmeier

There’s a lot happening at Haselmeier! As the next step in the consistent reorganisation process of the Haselmeier Group, some activities are being moved to other locations to guarantee greater focus on strategic and operative tasks.

Haselmeier sees itself as a strategic partner to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies for the development and production of innovative application devices for drugs with the aim of improving the lives of patients. In the course of the restructuring process, the medical devices company shall be more focussed on the needs of its customers. To achieve this, processes and structures are being sustainably controlled internally so that customers can be guaranteed more customised solutions.

We are happy to announce that the Group’s Executive Board is now complete with the appointment of a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Business Officer (CBO). Haselmeier welcomes Thomas Dürkop as the Head of Applied Development, Project Management and Industrialisation and Dr. Fred Metzmann as the Head of Key Account Management, Marketing and Global Business Development—two experts, who shall also spur the reorientation of the new company philosophy with their long-standing experience and competency.