drug delivery –

from technology

to therapy

As a reliable partner, we develop customized solutions for small batch to high-volume production, from clinical trials to long-term commercial use, and from manual applications to connected devices.

Whether you are interested in a customized pen or a platform pen solution, our R&D team can support you with state-of-the-art and lean development processes.

We offer two principal

product development pathways:

customized pens and platform pens.

Platform pens –

a fast, flexible development approach

We work together with you to develop unique customized pen solutions that reflect the specific requirements of both you and your patients. We can develop these customized solutions from sketch to scale, from clinical trial to commercial production, and from manual applications to connected devices.



The new and innovative disposable pen system for fixed or variable dose, that allows an easy adaption to different dose requirements – for example in a clinical trial. Ready for your fast and easy customized application.

  • Fixed and variable dosage
  • Manual injection
  • Multiple injections
  • Dose correction to avoid errors or loss of drug
  • Easy adaptation to different dose requirements

Customized pens

to suit your needs

Our platform pen solutions – which include i-pen² technology and D-Flex™ – offer significant benefits. They provide an affordable, high-quality alternative to fully customized pens, and can easily be adapted to your specifications, greatly accelerating time-to-market. The platform approach also brings flexibility, as a single pen can be used with different pre-defined dosage values for different applications. This flexibility also reduces your manufacturing risks – helping you save time and money.

How can we help you?

Let's discuss how Haselmeier can support you by offering solutions that meet patient care needs in a range of clinical areas.