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D-Flex Connect

Meet D-Flex Connect, our new platform of injection systems and connected solutions. D-Flex Connect allows smart data management for therapy efficiency, offers great opportunities to develop customized solutions for clinical studies and supports a fast pathway to connected commercial devices.

Greater safety and comfort for patients – thanks to therapy that is reliable, efficient and effective.

A very smart cap

Works seamlessly with the D-Flex pen system

A ready-to-use ecosystem

Dose adjustment from 0.01 ml to 0.80 ml

Open for your applications

Manage data on an optional platform to develop health management apps
D-Flex connect

Therapy efficiency

Helps patients to track injections, sync data and share data

Perfect for clinical trials

Enables data collection at the point of care and compliance monitoring

Supports better decisions

Facilitates analysis of insightful data sets and dosage adjustments

Paving the way for future applications

Haselmeier aims to be a strong, proactive partner, driving meaningful healthcare innovations today and tomorrow. D-Flex heralds a new era in smart healthcare, opening multiple opportunities for pharmaceutical players and biotechnology companies, for example in drug development and clinical trials. The smart cap transforms D-Flex into an intelligent connected solution which enables biopharmaceutical partners to collect data at the point of care and improve the quality during clinical trials by monitoring compliance with study design during phases II and III. This makes a sustainable contribution to increasing and demonstrating therapy efficiency. D-Flex Connect also paves the way for greater patient engagement, facilitating personal health management via user-friendly apps.



Haselmeier's D-Flex Connect solution comprises the disposable D-Flex injection pen, a smart cap and innovative technology platform. Using integrated optical sensors in the pen, D-Flex Connect provides valuable feedback, not only confirming that the patient has taken the medication but also indicating the precise amount administered each time. This information on the time and dose of each subcutaneous application is automatically documented, giving a clear picture of the patient's current therapy status. Connectivity via smart phone app means patients receive a reminder if they forget to take a dose. Moreover, they can view details themselves, for example to check whether they have already administered the drug. This innovative combination of state-of-the-art disposable injection pen and future-proof connected platform provides peace of mind for patients and medical professionals alike and helps to enhance patient safety. What's more, clearer insights can help improve compliance and therapy effectiveness.

Saving time and cost

The flexibility of D-Flex Connect together with our pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging services, and the possibilities for small-batch production mean this digital solution can support cost saving and time reduction in drug development.

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

Diabetes GLP-1

Haselmeier offers pen solutions that support safe and efficient self-injection of GLP-1 – helping diabetes patients to manage their condition, and so aiding efforts to reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Diabetes Insulin

Haselmeier offers customizable injection pens and platform solutions that help type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients to self-administer insulin, promoting better compliance and more effective treatment.


We support convenience and compliance in osteoporosis treatment. The D-Flex pen can significantly improve therapy efficiency, allowing patients to treat themselves safely and discreetly on a long-term basis.


Haselmeier's customizable pen solutions are suitable for use in some areas of oncology, supporting quality of care in this growing clinical domain. The solutions could improve patients' quality of life and create a basis for reliable and successful therapy at home.

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