Support for clinical trials

Rapid drug development, smooth conduct of clinical trials and fast time-to-market are high priorities for pharmaceuticals players. For drugs designed for subcutaneous application, self-injection pens from Haselmeier can help reduce risk and shorten time-to-market.

One single platform

Haselmeier's D-Flex™ Ecosystem supports the entire development and commercial life of a drug with one single platform.

Accelerate time-to-market

D-Flex™ can be configured to meet dose values from the first clinical study to series production, reducing time-to-market.

Flexible adjustment at low cost

D-Flex™ helps lower cost in clinical trials, for example by supporting simultaneous device development.


For speed and flexibility in clinical trials

Haselmeier's D-Flex™ platform is the ideal choice for use in clinical trials and beyond, supporting you from drug development, through clinical trial, to commercial market launch.

A complete solution offering for pharmaceutical companies and biotech start-ups

To be deemed suitable for use in clinical trials, injection pens must be safe and simple to use, as well as supporting flexibility in the adjustment of the dose in phases 2 and 3. In addition, these devices must support continuous use with minimum adjustments for all phases of the clinical study up to drug approval. The D-Flex™ product platform can be configured for several fixed doses and values can be freely selected, making the device especially useful in dose-escalation studies, for example. The pen system does not allow any intermediate steps between the set doses, significantly reducing the risk of an incorrect dose and therefore supporting patient safety. Moreover, the D-Flex™ product platform pen can be quickly and cost-efficiently adjusted to meet customer requirements in terms of clinical-trial design, by replacing just one single part of the device. Modifications after phase 2 are possible and the drug delivery device can be adjusted to the requirements of other products in the drug development pipeline.

Supporting you at every step – from clinical trial to commercial product

Let's discuss how Haselmeier's solutions can help you overcome your clinical trial challenges.