Advanced Delivery Device Technology
to Simplify the Reconstitution of Lyophilised Drugs

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Reconstitution Solutions – Easy & Convenient

With one approved product and several more in development, Haselmeier has experience with multiple solutions that allow easy and convenient administration of freeze-dried biologics.

The simplest solution for the patient is to provide a disposable device with an already-integrated drug cartridge.

Number of Steps, Time to Market and Availability

Detailed Overview of our Reconstitution Solutions:

Benefits to Pharma and Patients

Advantages of advanced in-pen reconstitution systems for pharma companies and patients

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As a full-service provider, Haselmeier solutions include more than R&D consulting, product engineering, and development services. We also provide certified pharmaceutical manufacturing services, and so are able to offer a comprehensive assembly, labeling and packaging services including intellectual property and technology licensing assistance.