High-quality technology at an affordable cost


The Re-Vario™-A technology platform is the basis for a reusable injection pen for use in diabetes treatment and other areas of care. Specifically created to provide a high-quality pen at an affordable cost, this innovative pen technology platform is available in standard Haselmeier design or can be customized to your specific requirements.

The Re-Vario™-A technology platform delivers patient-centric Haselmeier quality at an affordable cost.

An economical solution

High-quality reusable plastic product platform

With easy customization

Dose increments from 0.01 ml to 0.6 ml

A versatile solution

Multiple injections and variable dosage

Safe to use for patients

Easy and safe dose correction

Clear and easy to read

Large and easy-to-read dose indicator

A reusable injection device

For use with a standard 3 ml cartridge
  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

Diabetes GLP-1

Haselmeier offers pen solutions that support safe and efficient self-injection of GLP-1 – helping diabetes patients to manage their condition, and so aiding efforts to reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Diabetes Insulin

Haselmeier offers customizable injection pens and platform solutions that help type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients to self-administer insulin, promoting better compliance and more effective treatment.


We support convenience and compliance in osteoporosis treatment. The D-Flex™ pen can significantly improve therapy efficiency, allowing patients to treat themselves safely and discreetly on a long-term basis.


Haselmeier's customizable pen solutions are suitable for use in some areas of oncology, supporting quality of care in this growing clinical domain. The solutions could improve patients' quality of life and create a basis for reliable and successful therapy at home.

Let's talk about your customized injection pen

As a full-service provider, Haselmeier solutions include more than R&D consulting, product engineering, and development services. We also provide certified pharmaceutical manufacturing services, and so are able to offer a comprehensive assembly, labeling and packaging services including intellectual property and technology licensing assistance.