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Meet our D-Flex™ Logbook. It collects treatment data at the point of care, without the need for a patient app or mobile phone.

D-Flex™ Logbook
From data to value

The D-Flex™ Logbook consists of the disposable D-Flex™ injection pen and the a connected cap, which replaces the standard cap of the pen. Patients remove the connected cap from the injection pen, dial a dose, self-inject and put the cap back on the pen; exactly how they would use a pen and a standard protective cap. Once the patient returns the cap onto the pen, the connected cap automatically identifies the administered dose, the current temperature and time and stores this injection event in its internal memory. The cap can store up to 1,000 injection events.


D-Flex™ Connected Cap
Seamless data collection

The connected solution with a digital cap operating with patented, Bluetooth (BLE)-enabled dose-sensing technology, the digital cap measures the dispensed dose, time and temperature, enabling seamless data collection at the point of care. D-Flex™ Connect is based on a proven technology that can be adapted to your needs.


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