Data capture
and transfer in
clinical trials

Meet our D-Flex™ Ecosystem. It collects treatment data at the point of care, automatically transferring it to any platform, giving controlled access to various stakeholders.

D-Flex™ Ecosystem
From data to value

The D-Flex™ Ecosystem consists of the D-Flex™ injection pen, a connected cap, a mobile app and the Haselmeier™ data platform. The connected cap collects data at the point of care, securely transferring it to the mobile app and from there to any platform. In this way D-Flex™ Ecosystem enables real-time monitoring and advanced analytics in clinical trials.

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Learn more about our D-Flex™ Ecosystem: Choose our latest article in the OnDrugDelivery Magazine with the title "The D-Flex™ Ecosystem - From data to value" and our D-Flex™ Whitepaper.


D-Flex™ Pen
Easy adjustable

The D-Flex™ is a fixed-dose pen for multiple injections based on a 3 ml cartridge. Clearly separated, fixed doses on just one pen, giving you flexibility during your dose-finding phase. This innovative product platform can be customized by changing only one component of the pen, reducing the time for R&D. Patients benefit from significantly reduced choice of doses.


D-Flex™ Connected Cap
Seamless data collection

The connected solution with a digital cap operating with patented, Bluetooth (BLE)-enabled dose-sensing technology, the digital cap measures the dispensed dose, time and temperature, enabling seamless data collection at the point of care. D-Flex™ Connect is based on a proven technology that can be adapted to your needs.


Health App
Data capture at
the point of care

Patients can replace the standard cap with the new connected cap enabling automatic data capture at the point of care. Collected data is immediately transferred to the Haselmeier™ data platform via an app. This customizable app can remind patients manage their appointments with physicians and provide help or training.


Health Platform
A data-transfer Ecosystem

The Haselmeier™ data platform provides data storage within the cloud, in compliance with all regulatory and safety requirements. The platform can transfer data to any existing clinical trial infrastructure (eCRF), minimizing additional IT resources. Advanced analytics, dashboards and CE certification are further customizable options.

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Good Design Award 2020 for our D-Flex™ Ecosystem

We are pleased to have received the Good Design Award 2020 in the medical category for our D-Flex™ Ecosystem.


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