Haselmeier Group

We empower safe self-administration of
liquid drugs through the development
and manufacture of intelligent
injection devices that improve
the efficiency of therapy.

Reliability and
success in therapy

Our innovative product platforms and related service portfolios assist you every step of the way – leading to an advanced combination of drug and device that is as time-saving and economical for your company as it is safe and convenient in therapy. We support you at every stage – from technology to therapy.

Dr. Marco Linari
CEO Haselmeier Group

Dr. Marco Linari studied chemistry and economics and holds a doctorate in biochemistry. After a successful track in strategy consulting, Dr. Marco Linari held national and international leadership roles within the Merck Group in the last 15 year, lastly as CEO of Allergopharma. Through his experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and med tech sector, he knows the requirements and needs of the pharma and Med Tech industry.

Mark Bleckmann
CFO Haselmeier Group

Mr. Bleckmann joined Haselmeier in April 2018 as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Together with his colleagues, he takes responsibility for the overall strategy of Haselmeier and is heading the finance, human resources and general business management functions. Prior to this role, Mr. Bleckmann held various finance and management positions of escalating responsibility at IBM as well as at Immatics Biotechnologies, a venture capital-funded biotech start-up company active in the field of immuno oncology. Mr. Bleckmann holds degrees in business administration (European School of Business (ESB) Reutlingen, Germany) and philosophy (London School of Economics).

Matthias Meissner
COO Haselmeier Group

Having joined the company in 2002, Mr. Meissner serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Managing Director of Haselmeier Germany and Haselmeier India. As such, he oversees the operational division including production, logistics, supply chain and development. Mr. Meissner began his career in the gearmotor industry as an engineer at Flender. Initial projects focused on organisation and investments, and he went on to manage production logistics for worldwide supply of assembly centres. He later worked as plant manager at Pfleiderer. Mr. Meissner earned his degree in mechanical engineering specialising in production technology and a degree in business administration.