Reliability and

success in therapy

Haselmeier is a leading solution provider for subcutaneous self-injection devices. We develop advanced technology that improves therapy, and examine the requirements of therapy efficiency to evolve technology even further. We place patient comfort and the needs of our customers at the heart of our approach. Let's create the future together.

We consider 100 years of innovative leadership in medical technology as just the start.

Our mission

As a leading solutions provider in customized smart drug injection systems, we support reliable, successful therapies. We constantly drive innovation. And we believe that while technology can enhance therapy efficiency, the needs of therapy inspire even better solutions. As a proactive partner, we offer high-tech products and bespoke services, and adapt quickly to evolving engineering opportunities or market changes. Our approach is built on a century of experience – and an open, curious mind.

Our promise of quality

We develop and manufacture injection pens of the very highest quality for subcutaneous self-application. For us, this exceptional quality means devices that are easy to use, safe and reliable. We assure quality in everything we do – from offering the best products and services, to employing passionate, trustworthy people who achieve excellence in everything in they do. We keep our promises, work closely with our clients and support you at every stage.

Our foundations

In 2020, we will be able to look back on 100 years of history. We can reflect with pride on numerous innovations, long-term partnerships and an improved quality of life for patients worldwide. Today, a part of medmix, a globally active Swiss company, our business is represented at seven locations in five countries, with some 240 employees working on the best drug delivery solutions. Recently, we acquired a drug manufacturing license that allows us to offer assembly, labeling and packaging services.

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A century of

thinking ahead

  • 1920

    Wilhelm Haselmeier GmbH & Co is founded in Stuttgart, Germany. The company specializes in the development and supply of glass syringes, special syringes, stethoscopes and products for diagnostics.

  • 1925

    Wilhelm Haselmeier develops the Rotanda reusable syringe, simplifying blood transfusions significantly.

  • 1963

    Haselmeier develops and produces a semi-automated auto-injector for glass insulin syringes. Haselmeier is the first drug-delivery device company to introduce an auto-injector to the market.

  • 1978

    Haselmeier enters the diabetes market with the development and supply of a fully automatic auto-injector for disposable insulin syringes.

  • 1993

    Haselmeier develops and supplies the Diapen 1, a fully automatic insulin pen for 1.5 ml cartridges featuring a hidden-needle design to facilitate use by needle-phobic patients. For the first time, this also enables safe use of needles.

  • 1998

    Haselmeier develops the Pentek™, a disposable multi-dose fixed dose auto-injector for applications including low-molecular-weight heparins. This device also included a hidden-needle design and supported safe use of needles.

  • 2005

    Haselmeier develops a brand new pen injector platform named i-pen. The BerliPen® areo, a first application of the i-pen platform, is launched by Berlin-Chemie in Germany as a reusable pen for insulin therapy.

  • 2009

    The TactiPen® is launched by Sanofi-Aventis in Germany as a reusable pen for insulin therapy. In Japan, the same pen is marketed under the name iTango®.

  • 2014

    The JuniorSTAR® is launched by Sanofi-Aventis in Germany as a reusable half-unit insulin pen. This product is one of the few half-unit pens available on the market.

  • 2019

    Haselmeier introduces the innovative D-Flex™ product platform which closes the gap between fixed-dose and variable-dose pens. As a result, it can be configured for several fixed doses, and does not permit any amounts that deviate from the set doses.

  • 2020

    Haselmeier introduces D-Flex™ Connect, its first digital solution. As part of the D-Flex™ Ecosystem, a smart cap enables Bluetooth data collection and transmission. A valuable addition to clinical trials and a fast path to connected commercial devices.

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Let's discuss how Haselmeier's comprehensive solution offerings could support you in tackling your key challenges in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

medmix Compliance Hotline

Legitimate reports help to prevent at the very beginning and refine the harm for our company, our employees, and our business partners. We have therefore set up this compliance hotline for contacting us – anonymously, if required. This system for reporting information is open to all medmix employees as well as third parties such as customers, suppliers, and others.


Product complaints should be send to the contact details given in the instruction for use for your product or, if this is no longer available, to complaint@haselmeier.com