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We empower safe self-administration of liquid drugs through the patient-centric development and manufacture of intelligent injection devices that improve the efficiency and efficacy of therapy.

Reliability and
success in therapy

Our innovative product platforms and related service portfolios assist you every step of the way – leading to an advanced combination of drug and device that is as time-saving and economical for your company as it is safe and convenient in therapy. We support you at every stage – from technology to therapy.

  • 25.05
  • 2023
  • News

Successful compatibility testing of PiccoJect™ with Nipro's D2F™ pre-fillable syringes

In April 2023, a test program was performed to assess the compatibility of Nipro's D2F™ pre-fillable syringes ("PFS") with the PiccoJect 100 autoinjector from Haselmeier. The test results confirm full compatibility of Nipro's PFS with PiccoJect 100.

  • 21.05
  • 2023
  • News

Haselmeier at InnoPack Pharma Confex in Mumbai, June 21-22

Join us in Mumbai and learn more about our products and services! Above all, don't miss the lecture of Chris Muenzer and learn more about reusable injection pens for global generic drugs!

  • 19.05
  • 2023
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Join us at Pre-Filled Syringes West Coast Conference in San Diego– June 12-13 USA

Don't miss the lecture of Fank Leipold with the tile "Go Digital" – The Solution to a Problem or a Problem without a Solution? Day 2, June 13th from 13:50 to 14:20pm

  • 06.04
  • 2023
  • News

Haselmeier & DCA Design International receive Red Dot Award for PiccoJect™

PiccoJect™ has now been recognized for another prestigious design award, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023. This is the second design award that Haselmeier and DCA Design International Limited, have received for PiccoJect™.

  • Our services for your projects

  • Our services for your projects

  • Our services for your projects

  • Our services for your projects

Clinical trials

Haselmeier is ideally placed to support you during your clinical trials – and beyond. Our self-injection pens can help reduce risk and shorten time-to-market, helping pharmaceutical companies to address their major priorities in this area.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Haselmeier offers comprehensive, certified pharmaceutical manufacturing services – from assembly to labeling and packaging. As a result, we are able to support pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies with their drug manufacturing challenges.

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Product development

Whether you are looking for a customized pen or a platform pen solution, Haselmeier offers product development pathways designed to fit your specific requirements.

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Medical device regulations

Haselmeier has extensive experience in working with regulatory authorities and can provide comprehensive, efficient support with device registration.

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

  • Areas of care

Diabetes GLP-1

Haselmeier offers pen solutions that support safe and efficient self-injection of GLP-1 – helping diabetes patients to manage their condition, and so aiding efforts to reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Diabetes Insulin

Haselmeier offers customizable injection pens and platform solutions that help type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients to self-administer insulin, promoting better compliance and more effective treatment.


We support convenience and compliance in osteoporosis treatment. The D-Flex™ pen can significantly improve therapy efficiency, allowing patients to treat themselves safely and discreetly on a long-term basis.


Haselmeier's customizable pen solutions are suitable for use in some areas of oncology, supporting quality of care in this growing clinical domain. The solutions could improve patients' quality of life and create a basis for reliable and successful therapy at home.


Let´s create the future of connected solutions

Our new platform supports a fast way to connected commercial devices and better therapy efficiency for patients around the world.


Customized drug

delivery – from

technology to therapy

Ready to tackle your

future challenges

At Haselmeier, we are here to support you from early development and manufacturing to packaging and delivery.