Self-administration with injection systems simplify patients’ everyday lives

Administration aids designed for the modern, mobile lifestyle

Doctors and the medical industry are working in patients’ interests to further improve the familiar methods of self-administration with injection systems. First and foremost, this means synchronization with patients’ needs: Self-administration with injection systems must be easy to handle, allow administration to be as pain-free as possible and assist reliable dosing and the observation of dosage intervals.

Reliability, convenience and safety are the priority for self-administration with injection systems

Patients benefit from high dosing accuracy and reliability through self-administration with injection systems. The ease of use ensures straightforward and convenient self-administration for many months and years. For the attending doctor, self-administration with injection systems means good treatment efficacy. The sophisticated systems support reliable dosing and the observation of dosage intervals. For this reason, pharmacists are using injection-based self-administration with personalized system solutions that offer additional benefits for everyone involved in terms of scalability, control and monitoring.

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The advantage of pen-based subcutaneous injection systems, of the type that Haselmeier has been developing and manufacturing successfully for decades, lies first and foremost in the fact that patients become more independent. The pens for self-administration with injection systems are small and easy to handle. They are easy to transport and, when required, are available at any time and are ready for safe and convenient use. At the press of a button, the active ingredient is injected through a fine needle directly under the skin. The effect takes hold very quickly, depending on the medication involved, because the gastrointestinal system is bypassed.

More independence through self-administration with injection systems

For patients to cope well with their conditions by acting independently, a relationship based on cooperation is needed between the doctor and patient. The doctor also needs to have suitable forms of delivery for self-administration with injection systems. As a family-owned company, Haselmeier has spent almost a century developing high-tech and reliable injection systems for subcutaneous administration. So the treatment of diabetes, growth disorders, infertility, osteoporosis and other areas of therapy are constantly being improved with injection systems.

Haselmeier is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of innovative injection systems with superb technological expertise and quality. As an expert in injection-based self-administration, Haselmeier impresses with its treatment reliability and customized system solutions. Scalability, convenience and intelligent control and monitoring are the hallmarks of our injection systems.

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