Drug delivery devices for start-ups in the pharma and biotechnology industry: Innovative pen injection systems

Efficiency, reliability and ease of use are key factors

Up-and-coming biotech start-ups are constantly working on new active ingredients, methods and diagnostic agents for medicine. The step from a new development to a marketable product is a major one, especially in the pharma and biotechnology industry. High costs, laborious validation, technology transfers and extensive licensing procedures represent a deep “Valley of Death” for start-ups.

On the other hand, the demand for innovative solutions in the field of drug delivery devices is high, and investment partners from industry and venture capital firms are always ready to support promising projects in the first seeding rounds. As experts in injection-based self-administration, Haselmeier impresses with customized drug delivery devices for start-ups. The key points of our pen injection systems are their scalability, convenience and intelligent control and monitoring.

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Time, a major factor for innovative start-ups in the pharma and biotechnology sector

For start-ups, the time to market is the crucial life-and-death factor. The industry is keen to encourage promising start-ups and speed up processes with targeted accelerator programs. However the regulations are clear: The tedious pre-clinical phase is followed by the clinical phase, with three further steps. Start-ups can rely on experienced partners such as Haselmeier. As a solutions provider in the drug delivery devices sector and as a service partner, Haselmeier specifically supports start-ups throughout the development process: From the decision regarding suitable drug delivery devices and clinical studies with injection pens for subcutaneous administration to industrial-scale production. During the laborious licensing process especially, start-ups can benefit from the expertise and professional experience in the regulatory requirements of medical technology or combination products held by an experienced partner such as Haselmeier. The scope of documentation can very quickly reach several thousand pages.

Life science pitch won – so things need to move fast now?

The Haselmeier standard product platforms for injection pens are highly suited to the early clinical development phase, especially from phase two and three. By using standard injection pens, not only can important data on the medication be obtained very early on, but so too can crucial information for the later commercial phase. Based on our technical product platforms for drug delivery devices, we fulfill customer-specific requirements and develop customized injection pens for subcutaneous self-administration in real time. With this approach, we are able to save our customers in the pharma and biotechnology sectors valuable time. The design, feel and shape of the drug delivery devices can be adapted as required and even integrated (early on) into the start-up’s marketing strategy. As a family-managed company, Haselmeier has been working exclusively for almost 100 years to develop and produce the most convenient and reliable injection pens for subcutaneous administration. Our customers in the pharma and biotechnology industry value us greatly as a reliable partner.

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