Connectivity makes the injection pen ready for smart health

Optical sensors measure the actual dose dispensed

By as early as 2019, Haselmeier will be unveiling an injection pen with connectivity, clearing the way for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to make use of modern smart health applications. In cooperation with Common Sensing, a company from the USA, Haselmeier – the experts in injection systems for subcutaneous self-administration – has developed an injection pen that can be paired via Bluetooth with a smartphone.

Injection pen records the actual dose administered via the smartphone

Special optical sensors allow the injection pen to not only deliver information that the patient has administered the medication once a dose is delivered, but also how much has actually been delivered. The information regarding the time and amount of subcutaneous delivery from the injection pen is documented automatically, providing a clear picture of the patient’s treatment status.

Additional safety for the patient

Thanks to connectivity with the smartphone, the patient can be automatically reminded of a missed dose, or take a look at whether they have already taken the medication. The safety for patients can be improved thanks to modern disposable injection pens with connectivity. Adherence to treatment and therefore the effectiveness of treatment can also be optimised through the regular and consistent use of medication.

“Gocap” facilitates smart health functions with the injection pen

The “Gocap” from Common Sensing has the advantage that the patient is already familiar with the principle: the patient simply places the “Gocap” on the pen to seal it instead of a conventional cap. Although the injection pens used are disposable, the “Gocap” is reused. Connectivity allows users to define which groups of people they wish to share their data with. As a result, the injection pen can even be checked remotely by friends and relatives and the patient contacted if needed. Doctors, nurses, hospitals or health insurance companies can also be given access to the data in order to offer patients the best possible support with their treatment.