Haselmeier introduces the innovative platform D-Flex. Just one. The D-Flex closes the gap between fixed-dose pens and variable-dose pens. The pen system can therefore be configured for several fixed doses and does not permit any in-between amounts aside from the set doses. This significantly reduces the risk of any operating error and increases the safety of the patient.


Haselmeier announces the German Launch of the BerliPen® areo 3 through Berlin-Chemie

Haselmeier announces the launch by Merck of their GONAL-f® 2.0 prefilled pen following approval by EMA, European Medicines Agency.


Haselmeier wins the Red Dot: Product Design Award 2015 for the design of the first application of its Axis-D platform – Fertility Pen by Merck Serono.


The JuniorSTAR® is launched by Sanofi-Aventis in Germany as a reusable, half-unit insulin pen. This product is one of the few available half-unit pens on the market.

Haselmeier develops a cost efficient – full plastic – version of the i-pen, the i-pen². As a first application of the i-pen², the INSUPen® EZ is launched by Biocon in India as a reusable pen for insulin therapy.

Haselmeier Group announces a new and more integrated Management Organization to enhance innovation, optimize customer project and services as well as streamline – within high quality standards – its commercial development and industrialization capabilities.

Haselmeier Inc. opens its brand new offices in Lowell MA, in the Greater Boston Area.

Haselmeier’s Axis-D Pen System and Merck Serono’s Fertility Pen have been honored by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design with the GOOD DESIGN™ Award for their outstanding design.


Haselmeier establishes Haselmeier Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Haselmeier AG Switzerland, in the United States.


Haselmeier establishes Haselmeier India Pvt. Ltd. and starts the construction of a new pen injector manufacturing site in Bangaluru, India.


Haselmeier launched the first application of its Axis-D platform for the injection of different fertility hormones and commissioned by Merck Serono.

The INSUPen® is launched by Biocon in India as a reusable pen for insulin therapy.


Haselmeier opens a new manufacturing site in the Czech Republic and expands his logistic and storage area in its German site in Buchen.


Haselmeier opens a Representation Office in Gurgaon, India.

The TactiPen® is launched by Sanofi-Aventis in Germany as a reusable pen for insulin therapy. In Japan the same pen is marketed under the name iTango®.


Haselmeier establishes its International Business Office in Zurich, Switzerland.

The BerliPen® areo 2 is launched in Germany and offers significant function and design improvements over the previous version taking advantage of numerous user experiences and feedback.


Haselmeier develops a brand new pen injector platform named i-pen.

The BerliPen® areo 1 – a first application of the i-pen platform – is launched by Berlin-Chemie in Germany, as a reusable pen for insulin therapy. This pen offers state-of-the-art design and function as well as a simple manual drug delivery experience for active and practiced patients.


Haselmeier establishes an office in Severna Park MD, Unites States.


Haselmeier develops and supplies a new pen injector for insulin therapy that incorporates 3ml cartridges. The DIAPEN® – based on this platform– is launched in Germany and is still in use today by a specific pool of patients who specifically seek for a delivery experience not met by the most recent pen injectors.


Haselmeier establishes a manufacturing site in Dnesice, Czech Republic for metal turning and for pen assembly. Haselmeier Czech Republic s.r.o. is founded.


Haselmeier develops and supplies a fully automatic pen injector with hidden needle for growth hormone. The one.click™ – based on this platform – is exclusively launched by Serono, and used today by Merck Serono in worldwide markets.


Haselmeier develops the Penlet, a fixed dose, multiple injections disposable autoinjector for low molecular weight heparin. This device also enables a hidden needle feature and a safe use of needles.


Haselmeier expands its pen franchise with the development and supply of a fully automatic insulin pen for 1,5ml cartridges and with a hidden needle feature to facilitate the use of such device for needle-phobic patients. Furthermore such feature enables for the first time a safe use of needles.


Haselmeier enters the diabetes market with the development and supply of a fully automatic autoinjector for disposable insulin syringes.

The production is moved to a new factory in Buchen im Odenwald, Germany.


Haselmeier developed and produced a semi-automated autoinjector for glass insulin syringes. Haselmeier is the first drug-delivery device company to introduce an autoinjector on the market.


Wilhelm Haselmeier GmbH & Co is founded in Stuttgart-Degerloch, Germany. The company specialized in the development and supply of glass syringes, special syringes, stethoscopes and products for diagnostics.