A further hit model: The Pergoveris® Pen for Merck

Haselmeier has a worldwide reputation for its patient-friendly, high-tech innovations. The new
Pergoveris® Pen, developed for its customer Merck, has once again confirmed the company’s
high standard of development.

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Clinical Trials

Injection Pen for clinical Trials

The disposable D-Flex Pen offers a new technical development for subcutaneous self-medication – even for clinical trials. The new drug delivery device gives pharmaceuticals a matching platform for clinical trials at a very early stage of medicine development.

30 years of experience

Paul Jansen as Senior Advisor

The well-respected and listened to member of the medical device community, Paul Jansen, started in his new position as senior advisor on February 1, 2017.

Haselmeier D-Flex Pen

May we introduce: the award-winning D-Flex. Just one.

The D-Flex is the disposable pen for the use with 3 ml cartridges. It closes the gap between fixed-dose pens which only allow a single fixed dose, and variable-dose pens where the dose can be finely adjusted by the patient.